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As school psychologists, our mission is to provide services to help maximize the academic potential along with the social and emotional well-being of students through the practices of effective consultations, comprehensive evaluations, and the development of prevention and intervention strategies with students, school personnel, and parents.


October 2020 

"Kindness is simple. It is seeing the good in everyone and celebrating it."

December 2020

Bring joy to yourself and others by serving up a daily dose of kindness. Use this calendar as a guide.  

Be Well!

January 2021

Remember to be kind and gentle to yourself as you are most deserving! Consider this January calendar for a list of daily activities to practice self-care. ~Felicia Hannon-White (school psychologist)


Felicia Hannon-White, Ed.S.

School Psychologist

Office Phone: (678) 676-1958

Cell Phone: (404) 491-9330

Email: [email protected] 

Weekly Schedule

Columbia High School – Monday

Toney Elementary School – Tuesday

Counseling and Consultation – Wednesday

Kelley Lake Elementary School – Thursday

East DeKalb Campus - Friday

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